A special assembly was organised at KCPS to bid farewell to British teaching assistants sponsored by British Council. During their tenure of two months, Suzanne Henry and James Richardson shared a lovely rapport with staff and students. They addressed groups of students from different classes on issues of global inter-dependence, diversity of identities and cultures and gender bias through a wide variety of participatory teaching-learning methodologies including structured discussions, debates, role-plays, campaigns, poetry and critical thinking sessions. Suzanne developed the project on ‘Leadership and Social Action’ to enable students to practice effective leadership and inspire positive changes within the local and global communities. James created a webpage featuring KCPS Newsletter. Principal Amarendra Mishra appreciated them for adding international dimension to the school and empowering pupils to acquire knowledge, values, skills and understanding which would go a long way in instilling confidence and creativity in them.
The teaching assistants thanked the Principal for giving them flexibility and freedom to devise activities and deliver lessons beyond curriculum through a plethora of activities including workshops for staff and students. They also thanked Arjun Chowdhary, Managing Director of KC Sports Club, for providing them comfortable accommodation at the Club Guest House and allowing them to avail of the sporting and fitness facilities of international standards. They expressed their heartfelt thanks to Chairman Raju Chowdhary, Junior School Director Arti Chowdhary and Director Siddhant Chowdhary for their magnanimous support. Appreciating their progressive ideas, they said that under their charismatic leadership, the school is bound to make tremendous progress. They were all praise for the warmth and hospitality shown to them by the entire staff which made their stay quite memorable. On behalf of KCPS fraternity, Principal Mishra wished them good luck in their future endeavours.