Effective from April 2014, we became a registered school member of British Council's International School Award (ISA) Programme. The initial membership is for 3 years and is extended for another 3 years after submitting a dossier of ISA related activities conducted by a member school till date. Our current membership is valid till 2022.

Under this programme, the learning content of the curriculum we follow as a CBSE affiliated school in India is given an international dimension. In other words, students learn the prescribed curriculum content through project work and in collaboration with other ISA Member schools spread across the globe.

The detailed project work we have undertaken since 2014 deals with varied themes such as 'Taking Care of Earth', 'Heritage: Our Priceless Legacy', 'Folk Tales Around the World', 'Celebrate Diversity', 'Step up to Sustain Natural Resources', 'Stand up for Animal Rights' and 'Poetry and its Forms'. In 2014-15, we did project work on these themes with ISA member schools in Argentina, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Palestine, Oman, and the UK. We continue to do various projects with other ISA schools and our collaborative work includes periodic online video conferences with other ISA schools.

Skipton Girls' High School, North Yorkshire, UK, is our global partner under 'Connecting Classrooms'. In 2015, the ISA Coordinators of KC Public School and Skipton Girls' High School visited each other’s schools under the Connecting Classroom Programme supported by the British Council. In 2016, 8 girl students of our school escorted by the then ISA Coordinator Sonia Thakur and Academic Director Ram Thakur visited SGHS on an unofficial student exchange programme and interacted with the students and faculty of this school in the UK. Till date, we have organized live online conferences between students of KCPS and SGHS. 2 faculty members of our school also attended an online Webinar hosted by SGHS on June 24, 2020 on the theme "Equipping Students for Effective Distance Learning" during global lock-down caused by Covid-19 pandemic.