The school took up the British Council’s International School Awards Programme in the academic year 2014-15 and worked diligently on giving learning a global dimension with the aid of numerous projects some of which were carried out in collaboration with a number of schools located in Argentina, UK, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Oman and Palestine. In the course of this interaction with schools outside India, the school formed a long term partnership with Skipton Girls’ High School, North Yorkshire, UK. The British Council approved of the report submitted by the school after the completion of one year and conferred the Award on the school for a period of 3 years. The school continues to pursue the approach of global learning through project work and completed some projects with its long term partner school in the UK in the academic year 2015-16. Funded by the British Council, the ISA Coordinator of Skipton Girls’ High School visited KC Public School in May 2015 and spent 4 days interacting with teachers and students of the school. The ISA Coordinator of KCPS also visited Skipton Girls’ High School in June 2015 with the same objective. The long term partnership continues to flourish and a group of 8 girls from KC Public School is due to visit Skipton Girls’ High School in July 2016 on a sort of students exchange programme. The students of Skipton High are also scheduled to pay return visit to KCPS within the academic year 2016-17.