ROUND SQUARE is a world-wide network of progressive and innovative schools that believe in the personal growth and development of students beyond academics and invest great faith in shaping individuals into responsible and caring citizens of the global world.


The six IDEALS of Round Square are the six pillars of Kurt Hanh's educational philosophy that open up avenues for personal growth and enrichment of young students in the world of today. Each letter of the word 'IDEALS' represents the principles of Hahnian educational philosophy.


The current world scenario strengthens our collective human belief that we, the denizens of planet earth, are truly the residents of a global village. Thus, it is imperative to inculcate the spirit of internationalism among our youth and to develop in them respect for diverse cultures of the world.


Values of democracy and the importance of active participation in democracy are essential for all RS schools. Freedom of thought, action and speech is given top priority and appropriate platforms and channels of communication are created for this purpose. Students are involved in all the matters related to running of the school and inculcating in them a sense of responsibility in the management of the school is the prime objective of this ideal.


RS students are expected to take active interest in earth's natural environment, to be aware of its problems especially in the contemporary world and to play an active role in tackling these problems. Students are made to understand the need for healthy relationship between human beings and the planet they live on.


Shaping and training both body and soul through adventure is one of the most significant ideals of the Round Square. RS schools arrange outdoor activities that challenge students and thereby promote personal growth and self-discovery in them. Participation in adventure activities develops the spirit of adventure in students and makes them realise that they have strengths that they had never imagined to have possessed.


Real leadership is the product of personal responsibility, kindness and justice in an individual. It is expected that senior students in particular are assigned leadership roles in running the school. RS programmes in a school are required to be student led and all committees and clubs in a school are chaired by students. Annual conferences hosted by RS schools are ideal opportunities for students to demonstrate leadership skills both in the planning and administration of these annual events.


Round Square believes in preparing students for life by inculcating in them the sense of service for others. Students are encouraged to perform community service through regional or international projects. RS international service projects have been in existence since the early eighties of the previous century in which both staff and students work together in doing something that benefits the community at large. Schools are also expected to train students in skills required in disaster management.


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